What are Group Automations

The new Group Automations instantaneously assigns guides and/or paths when you add a user to a group. This feature allows you to assure that each member of the group goes through the same training and relieves admins of the burden when assigning training manually for each user. This feature can only be created by Admins.

How to Add Group Automations

To start your first Group Automation, simply navigate to "Groups" under "Settings". 

Then, you can start by either creating a new group or selecting an existing group. After that, you will select the "Add Automations" link.

Click on the "+New Automation" button which will pop up a window with all of your existing guides and paths in it.

Select the Guide and/or Path for the automation.

After selecting a Guide or a Path, you can set a due date which is calculated by the number of days or weeks after the object has been assigned. Make sure that once you're satisfied with the automation to check the blue toggle to enable the automation, like below.

Set Automations on a Recurring Cadence

Once a Guide or a Path is added as an automation and a due date is set, you can also set a recurring cadence for the learning materials. You have the same options like how you can edit Due Date. There are Days, Weeks, and Months to select from while having the option to enter a numeric value in blank field. 

This option is ideal for use cases like compliance or security training that occurs quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

Determining Which Groups Have Automations

Return to "Groups" in the enterprise settings and you will see a small "lighting bolt" next to the group with automation enabled. This indicates that an automation has been enabled for a group.

How to Enable or Disable Group Automations

Here is an example with multiple guides and/or paths added. You can easily enable or disable an automation by toggling the blue Enabled switch. Users added to groups when automations are disabled will not receive any assignments.

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