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What is a Page?

Pages are an extremely powerful way to convey information to your team. Below is an example of a well-built page and its core functions:

How to Add Content?

If an user has either Admin or Editor permission to a portal, the user can add additional content by editing the page like below: 

How to Add Tag(s)?

Tags can be added to pages for categorizing purpose. Also, tags can be referenced in SFDC if the integration is set up.

How to Add Subject Matter Expert?

Subject Matter Experts can be added to pages. 

How to Add Comments on a Page?

Any user can add a comment to a page, and you can use '@' to reference another user. See example below:

Folders in Portals

Folders are there to help you organize with all the content created in a Portal. 

Create Folders in Portal

Here is how you can create folders in Portals. Click on "New" and you will see the dropdown option to create a folder. 

Having folders is a great way to organize and categorize all the Pages that your company/organization has. 

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