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Where to Edit Portal Permissions

Portal permissions can only be edited by admins through the Portals Admin training page.

Private vs Public

After creating your first Portal, you will be presented with the option to make portal either private or public.

When a portal is private, only specific users and groups added can have access to the portal.

Note: If a Portal is set to Private, it will not be available through the Portal Page object found in a Guide. Learn more about the Portal Page object and other Guide features here! 

When a portal is public, everyone can have access to the portal. In the example below, we can see that portal is selected to be public. 

User Permissions for Public Portals

If a portal selected to be public, the next step is make choose what the default permission for all users. There are three options: Viewer, Editor, and Admin. Review the image below for more details on each permission. 

Adding Users and Groups to Private Portals

If a portal is set to be private, users and groups that are specifically added can access the private portal. Under Customize Permissions, you can set which permission out of three the user or group gets. 

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