Add the Embed Tile in Your Guide

To embed Google Docs or Sheets, we want to first find the Embed tile in a task of a guide. Here is an example below.

Get the Share Link

The next step would be to get the share link that you want to embed, and there are two options. 

Option 1: Get shareable link (most common)

Sharing will give an embedded view of the document and allow editors to edit or viewers to only view. By selecting this option, you will still have the headers of Google docs included:

Option 2: Embed Published Item

The second option to get the Embed link when the item is published. Go to File first. Then after clicking "Publish to web", grab the Embed code.

From here, follow the same steps for Embed option in WorkRamp, but rather than pasting the shared link, paste the URL after "src" in this embed code. 

Do not copy anything else like the quotes or </iframe>, just the URL within the quotes.

Share Link Permissions

We want to make sure that the link that will be embedded can be accessed by the intended audience. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that permission is set up correctly. If you want

Embed the Share Link

With the share link in hand, it is time to embed that link in Workramp.

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