This article provides the steps required to configure SCIM provisioning for WorkRamp and includes the following sections:

  1. Features
  2. Requirements
  3. Step-by-Step Configuration Instructions
  4. Group Sync Configuration Instructions
  5. Gotchas & Known Issues


  • Create Users: New users created in Okta that have been assigned the WorkRamp application will also be created in WorkRamp
  • Update User Attributes: Updates made to a user’s profile in Okta will be reflected in WorkRamp
  • Deactivate Users: Removing a user’s access to the WorkRamp application in Okta will deactivate the user in WorkRamp (but will not permanently delete them)
  • Reactivate Users: Giving a user access to the WorkRamp application (when you had previously removed their access) will activate the user in WorkRamp
  • Group Sync: Groups and users within groups on Okta can be kept in sync with WorkRamp


The following prerequisites are required before you can configure provisioning:

  1. Have an enterprise account set up with WorkRamp and have admin access
  2. Contact with the subject ‘Okta SCIM provisioning’ and give a brief description of your use case and ask for a SCIM provisioning access token

Step-by-Step Configuration Instructions

  1. From the application tab in your okta admin dashboard click on ‘Add Application’
  1. From the search bar, enter in ‘workramp’ and then click on the ‘Add’ button when the search result for the ‘WorkRamp’ app shows up
  1. On the next screen click on the ‘Done’ button to add the WorkRamp application
  1. After you click the ‘Done’ button, the WorkRamp application will be added to your account. You will placed into the ‘Assignments’ configuration section of the WorkRamp application. From here click on the ‘Provisioning’ tab.
  1. Click on the ‘Configure API Integration’ button
  1. Check the box next to ‘Enable API Integration’. Enter in the API token that you received from Then click on the ‘Save’ button.
  1. After clicking ‘Save’, the API integration should be successfully enabled. You should be redirected to the ‘Provisioning’ tab. From here click on the ‘Edit’ button.
  1. Now click the checkbox next to ‘Enable’ under the sections ‘Create Users’, ‘Update User Attributes’, and ‘Deactivate Users’. Then click on the ‘Save’ button.
  1. From the ‘Provisioning’ tab select the ‘To Okta’ link.
  1. Scroll down to the ‘User Creation & Matching’ section and click on the edit button.
  1. Click on the ‘Email matches’ option and then click on the ‘Save’ button.
  1. Everything should now be set up and the SCIM integration will be enabled. If needed, you can now assign any users/groups to the WorkRamp application from the ‘Assignments’ tab.

Group Sync Configuration Instructions

We will be configuring Okta so that a group created in Okta will also be created in WorkRamp. In addition, we will configure Okta so that when a user is added/removed from a group in Okta, the user is added/removed from the same group in WorkRamp. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Click on the ‘Push Groups’ tab from the WorkRamp application in Okta and then click on the ‘Push Groups’ button. From the dropdown select ‘Find groups by name’.
  1. Enter in the group name you want to sync in the the text field, select it from the dropdown menu, and then press the save button.
  1. You should now see that the group was added and marked as ‘Active’. The group will have been created in WorkRamp and any current users that are part of the group (that have also been assigned the WorkRamp application) will be added to that group in WorkRamp. 
  2. At this point, any time a new user (that is part of the synced group) is manually assigned to the WorkRamp application in Okta, their account will be created in WorkRamp and they will also be added to the group in WorkRamp. If you want to fully automate this process continue with the instructions below, otherwise set up is now complete.

Fully Automated Group Sync (Optional)

  1. Instead of manually assigning users to the WorkRamp application, you can instead assign users to a group in Okta. As soon as they are added to a group, they will then be automatically assigned the WorkRamp application, their account will be created in WorkRamp, and they will added to the respective group in WorkRamp. In order to enable this behavior, the only additional step would be to assign the group to the WorkRamp application. Note that you should use the same group that you used in the steps above for the following instructions.
  2. Note that if you assign a group to the WorkRamp application in Okta, WorkRamp will create an account for every user in that group right away (unless they already had an account). To proceed, click on the ‘Assignments’ tab in WorkRamp, click on the ‘Assign’ button, and then select ‘Assign to Groups’.
  1. Enter in the group name in the text field, click on the ‘Assign’ button, then click on the ‘Done’ button.
  1. Everything should be configured now and full group sync should now be working.

Gotchas & Known Issues

  • None currently
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