How To Embed LinkedIn Learning Presentations

Embedding LinkedIn Learning presentations are a great way to incorporate outside resources to engage Learners. When embedding a LinkedIn Learning URL directly from your search browser you will get the following error:

See GIF below for example.

Since LinkedIn Learning URLs cannot be directly embedded into a guide, there are two alternative options

Option #1

  1. Drag and drop the Embed object into the content workspace 
  2. Copy the appropriate URL code from the presentation screen (see GIF below)

The relevant URL code will need to be extracted from the copied link in order to be embedded into WorkRamp.

    3. Paste the copied URL into a Word Document or Text Editor
    4. Highlight and copy the following snippet from the extracted URL code

   5. Paste this link into the Embed object in WorkRamp and press Enter

The LinkedIn Learning presentation should now appear in your content window. 

Option #2

  1. Take a screenshot of the LinkedIn Learning presentation. (This will be used as an image cover for later.)
  2. Save this image
  3. In WorkRamp, drag and drop the Text object into the content workspace
  4. Select the icon from the Text toolbar
  5. Click into the Image box and select the appropriate image
  6. Once the image has uploaded click on it, and the option to Edit or Delete should pop up
  7. Select Edit
  8. In the Link text box paste the URL to the LinkedIn learning course

Learners should now be able to click the provided Image, and be directed to the LinkedIn Learning presentation.

If you have any questions, email, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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