Create An Event

An Event helps you manage invites and track attendance for instructor led training.

Some options to note while filling in the details of your event:

  • Online Meeting Enabled  - This gives instructors and participants a link to join this session via an online video meeting.
  • Enrollment Type - This provides you two options for enrollment. An "Open Enrollment" that allows users to sign up for this event on their own, or by "Assignment Only" where users must be assigned directly. 
  • Event Materials - Add files for Event attendees to access before their session.    
  • Custom Background - Customize the background of the Event registration page.
  • Instructors - Instructors will have the ability to edit and manage this event.

Create A Session

Once you have an event topic, you must create sessions for the event. 

  1. Under Sessions, click Schedule a new one 
  2. Select a start and end date/time for the session
  3. Check Use Class Defaults (optional)
  4. Click Create Session

Your scheduled session should now appear under your Event Details.

NOTE: The timezone will reflect where your browser is currently located. For example, if you are in California and scheduling a 9am event, it will default the time creation to 9am PST. Someone in New York will see this same event as 12pm EST.

Add Attendees

 Next, it's time to invite users to this session.

  1. In the session you just created, click the drop down arrow, and select Invite users to this session
  2. Enter a User or Group you would like added to this session
  3. Click Save

All invited users should now appear below in the Attendees section and will receive a calendar invite to add to their calendars.

Note: You can view/edit the status of user Registration and Attendance in the Attendees section.    

How To Register For An Event

Users will receive an email with a link directing them to the registration page.  Once registered they will have the option to add this Event to their calendar, as well as view the Attendee List and any Event materials. 

Users can also view the details of an Event they are registered for by logging into their account, and selecting Events from the side panel.  

If you have any questions, email, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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