The Learner Home, University, and Guide views have been updated with a clean, sharp look that is easier to use and offers several avenues of customization. 

Getting Started

In your Enterprise settings, you can now include both White (admin view) and Color (learner view) logos and set the primary color for your enterprise.

  1. Navigate to Settings page in the admin console
  2. Click Upload White Logo to set the white logo that will appear in the admin console
  3. Click Upload Color Logo to set the color logo that will appear in the learner dashboard
  4. Click into the Primary Theme Color box to change your enterprise’s custom color (Hex code or RGB)

Editing Cover Images

You can set custom images for each training object you assign to a learner (Guides, Paths, Challenges, and Universities).


For Guides, the Edit Cover Image option lives within the Guide Settings dropdown in the Guide editor.


For Paths, the Edit Cover Image option lives in the middle of the Path editor.


For Challenges, the Edit Cover Image option lives at the bottom of the Challenge editor.


To edit the cover image of a training item within a university, navigate to the admin editor view of that university and click the cover image of the training item in question. 

Other Changes

  • The Learner Home will no longer have a banner
  • Learners can find the Edit Profile option under their name
  • If a Training is overdue, an Overdue banner will be visible
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