The Salesforce V3 integration is not deployed as a managed package, so you will need to follow the steps below to fully uninstall its components from your Salesforce instance. We will be releasing a script in the future that will allow you to do this with one-click.

First, disconnect your Salesforce account from WorkRamp

Next, remove the custom objects and fields created by WorkRamp

Custom Field on Users Object: User.WorkRampGroups__c
-->Setup > App Manager > Delete WorkRamp App

Custom Object: WorkRamp_Assignment__c
-->can remove in the Object Manager

Custom Application named WorkRamp
-->Setup > App Manager > Delete WorkRamp App

Custom Tab named WorkRampDashboardTab
-->Setup > Tabs > Delete WorkRamp_Dashboards tab

Flexipage named WorkRamp
-->Setup > Lightning App Builder > Delete WorkRamp

After that, you can remove permission set by WorkRamp

Permission Set named WorkRamp_Permissions
-->remove WorkRamp_Permissions from any users (can skip to next step to be prompted with the list of users)
 -->Setup > Permission Sets > Delete WorkRamp_Permissions (will be prompted with list of users that still have the permission)

Last, you can optionally remove any reports/dashboards created by WorkRamp. Please complete these in order to be able to delete the folders fully:

Delete Dashboard in WorkRamp_Dashboards folder: WorkRampTrainingDashoard360

Delete Dashboard Folder: WorkRamp_Dashboards

Delete 5 Reports in WorkRamp_Reports folder:

Delete Report folder: WorkRamp_Reports

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