After you've assigned a Guide, Path, or Challenge to Learners, you want to be careful about the changes you're going to make. Any change you make will update in real-time to all Learners, including updating their progress or test scores. For example, if you add 5 tasks to a Guide, it will update the progress and completion history for anybody that has been assigned to that Guide.

To help you decide when you should edit an existing item or start a new copy of it, you should ask these two questions:

Are these changes major changes? For example, am I adding additional tasks to a Guide, or items to a path?

If the answer to this is Yes, then you should create a new copy of this item, make the changes, and then assign this new item out. You can rename this new copy as "V2" or store it in a subfolder called "V2".

Are these changes minor changes? For example, am I updating just text or content for the latest materials?

If the answer to this is Yes, the you should continue editing the same item and make the changes directly. 

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