Highspot is a leading content management system that can integrate with WorkRamp. There are two ways you can integrate the two systems:

Embed Highspot content in WorkRamp

You can link Highspot content directly into WorkRamp Guides or Resources. The benefit of this approach is that you don't have to recreate content within WorkRamp, and you can also start training your Learners to reference files in Highspot.

To do this, follow these steps:

Navigate to your Highspot item you want to embed in WorkRamp:

Then, paste this link into the Embed block in WorkRamp. Make sure you enable "skip processing". You can click Preview to see what this will look like for a Learner

Embed WorkRamp materials in Highspot

You can also add WorkRamp training content into Highspot using their Link content type. When creating a link, add these items by grabbing a Share Link from WorkRamp

The embed code URL should be built in this format, with the Share Link after "src"

<iframe src="https://demoaccount.app.workramp.com/g/ef6Yua12CPElamsMTj8IsBiQ7vVk2lt5"></iframe>

After this is completed, the link will show up in your Spot as shown below. This will be indexed by Highspot for quick search and reference.

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