BambooHR is an HR software solution that serves as an employee system of record and can also provide services such as an applicant tracking system and an employee benefits tracker.

With this integration, WorkRamp Admins are able to realize two primary benefits:

  • Automatic provisioning / deprovisioning of users based on synced users in BambooHR

  • More easily assign trainings to their Learners based upon synced employee fields

Here's a quick demo from our WorkRamp Product Event:

Note: This integration is a one-way sync.

Setting Up the Integration

To get started, an Admin will need to navigate to Settings > Integrations.

In the BambooHR field, enter your BambooHR subdomain and click on the [Enable BambooHR Integration].

You will see a pop-up message to confirm the terms and details of the integration. Click the [I understand] button to proceed with the setup.

You will then be redirected to BambooHR to authenticate your account.

Once authenticated, you will be brought back to the Integration Settings page in WorkRamp and an initial mass sync of employees from BambooHR into WorkRamp is kicked off. When the sync is completed, you will see a sync status in green.

Managing the Integration

Our integration has an automated sync that occurs nightly and will sync all employees who have had changed fields since the last sync.

To sync users on-demand or manually, use the [Sync Now] button on the Integration Settings page. This will sync all employees who have had changed fields since the last sync.

To see what employees were synced, navigate to Settings > Users.

To see the custom fields synced over from BambooHR, click on the "Show custom fields" link on the top right of the user table.


Which employees will be synced into WorkRamp?

  • We sync all salaried and active Bamboo employees into WorkRamp.
    Salaried employees are defined by the Pay Type field in BambooHR.

What fields are synced into WorkRamp?

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Best Email

  • Supervisor

  • Employee ID

  • Preferred Name

  • Job Title

  • Hire Date

  • Department

  • Location

Seeing issues with Managers syncing with some user profiles?

Check to see if the Manager's name in WorkRamp matches exactly with their user profile in Bamboo HR, specifically the "Preferred Name" + "Last Name" fields.

For steps to assign trainings based on custom fields, please see our help article.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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