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Setting Up your Profile

You will receive and email invite to the Community, which will take you to their registration page to start setting up your profile. Enter your full name and Register.

Note: Login methods may differ by Community

Once you have logged into the Community, you will be prompted to add your photo, Display Name and a headline to help other Community Members know who you are.

Your Display Name allows you to customize how you are referred to in the Community. If you prefer a nickname or pseudonym for privacy, this will be the name that is shown in the Community for you.

To make any edits to your Community Settings, click on your avatar in the upper right corner.

In your profile settings, you can make any updates to your photo, Headline or Display Name, and view your email settings.

Engage with the Community

Once you have logged into the Community, you can:

  • Browse Topics and Posts to find content that is relevant to you

  • Create new Posts to ask questions or share knowledge

  • Like and Comment on posts you are interested in

Mention Users

If you want to direct a question or answer at a specific user, you can mention them in a post or comment and they will receive an email alert with a link to the comment or post in the Community.

Edit and Delete Posts

You can edit or delete any posts or comments that you have created. When you go to the content you wish to edit, click the overflow menu and select Edit.

When you select Edit, you will be able to edit the Title or Body of the post and change the Topic the post appears in.

You can also select Delete to remove the post from the Community. You are only able to Edit and Delete content you have created, so if there are Comments or Replies on your deleted Posts and Comments, those will continue to show in the Community.

Subscribe to Topics and Posts

If you would like to receive alerts for Topics or Posts that are most relevant to you, you can Subscribe to be alerted when there is new content in the Community.

At the top of a Topic, click the Subscribe button to begin getting alerts.

In a Post, click the overflow menu in the upper right hand corner and select "Subscribe to Post" to begin getting alerts.

If you need to unsubscribe at any time, return to the Topic or Post and select "Unsubscribe."

Whenever new content is added to a Topic or Post you are subscribed to, you will receive an email notification with a link to the content in the Community.

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