Before a user can be assigned any training they will have to be invited to WorkRamp. 

Adding New Users

To add users to WorkRamp, make sure you are in the Admin console. First, click on Settings and then select the Users tab. Once on the user management page, select the "Invite New User" button on the top right of the screen.

Adding Multiple Users

You can copy and paste a list of email addresses to add all your team members altogether when you add new users. 

Adding Users to Groups

Once you've added all of the emails of the users you'd like to add to your enterprise, you have the option of adding them to a Group as well. If the Group already exists in your enterprise, it will appear from a dropdown. If the Group does not exist, a new one will be created when you've saved the new users to your enterprise.

Adding Managers & Mentors

To add a manager or mentor, click the "Add Manager" link in the dropdown for the user who was just invited:

By adding the manager's email address, they will be invited to join WorkRamp as a manager. Managers will have access to review and track progress for their team, but they will not have access to other employees they are not managing. 

An employee can have multiple managers or mentors, which is useful in scenarios where there are team leads or indirect reporting structures. The option to "Editor Managers" is also available. 

Bulk Adding Users

If you have large teams joining and need to assign multitple managers or groups. We are here to help! Please refer to the form below to fill out exactly as directed:


  1. First Column is the user email address
  2. Second Column is the user first name
  3. Third Column is the user last name
  4. Fourth Column is the managers' emails. You can have multiple managers for a user, however it is very important that you separate the emails by a semicolon ' ; ' and keep them in the same column.
  5. Fifth Column is the group a user belongs to. A user can belong to multiple groups (like sales and Greg's team), however it is very important that you separate the group names by a semicolon ' ; '  and keep them in the same column
  6. There can be no more extra columns and the sheet must be submitted to our team at as a CSV file. 

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