In this article, we will cover the following: Assign a Guide, Assign a Path, Change Due Dates, and Unassign a Guide or a Path.

Assign a Guide

Once you finish editing a guide and are ready to assign to trainees, here is how you would do it. 

Assign a Path

The same can be applied to a Path.

Change Due Dates

We also have the option to update the due dates after assigning the training to trainees. 

Unassign a Guide or a Path

You can also unassign training from trainees. Select users that you would like to unassign training from and then you will see an option to "unassign" them from the Guide. This option is not available when a Guide is a part of a Path. To unassign a Guide as a part of a Path, you would have to unassign the whole Path. 

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