What is a Challenge?

Challenges allow managers to review pitches with targeted scorecards to help Learners understand their strengths and weaknesses.  Challenges can be submitted by way of  video, written, or in-person and can also have multiple reviewers to help corral feedback from multiple subject matter experts or managers. 

Creating a Challenge

There are two ways to create a Challenge: 

  1.  The first way is by clicking the “Challenge” tile in the Admin homepage. 
  2. The other way to create a new Challenge is by clicking on "+ Create New" on the left hand side where you can find folders.   

Selecting a Challenge Type

After creating a new Challenge, you will be directed to the area to edit your newly created Challenge. 

You have four Challenge options: 

  • Video Only: To submit this Challenge a Learner will be prompted to record a video natively on their screen
  • Video & Screensharing: To submit this Challenge a Learner will need to use the Zoom application to record their video 
  • Written: A Learner will be presented with a text box to type their response
  • In-Person:  A Learner will meet with their reviewer(s) in-person, and will complete this Challenge 

Setting the Challenge Prompt and Adding Resources

You can set the prompt for the Challenge by simply editing the Instructions section.

Additionally, upload all necessary / helpful documents for your Learners to review by selecting "Upload Resources".

Adding a Scorecard to a Challenge

When creating a scorecard you can adjust the Minimum Passing Score required for your Learners. Under the scorecard options you can also provide your reviewers with instructions on how they should be approaching the grading process. 

Next, you'll have the option to add 3 different types of questions:

  • Yes/No: The Learner will receive all or none of the points contributing to a passing score
  • Scale: The Learner may receive a portion of the points contributing to a passing score
  • Open Ended: This is where the reviewer can add additional feedback. (Note: No points will be awarded for open response feedback.) 

Additional Settings

Under Additional Settings you have several options you can consider, such as adding a Certificate, Time Estimate or Cover Image to your Challenge. 

By default, the below options will automatically be selected, but can also be changed as needed. 

  • Learners see Reviewer names (Default): Disabling this option will anonymize the names of Reviewers
  • Learners can modify Reviewers if Challenge is in a Path (Default): If a Challenge is a Part of a Path, by default, there will not be a Reviewer assigned. Enabling this option will allow Learners to modify their reviewers
  • Hide Reviewer scores from Learners: Hide Reviewer scores from a Learner's view
  • Disable Learner Scorecard Preview: Scorecard questions will not be visible to Learners until a Reviewer has submitted their evaluation
  • Managers are Default Reviewers: Learner's Managers will automatically be designated as a Reviewer upon Challenge assignment
  • Edit Default Reviewers: Additionally, or instead of Managers, you can designate Default Reviewers to a Challenge if there is a group of mentors/faciliators that will be responsible for grading all Challenges 

Assigning the Challenge

Once you have created a Challenge, you can assign it to a set of Learners or groups and select a due date. Then, you must add the reviewers who will need to complete the scorecard.

Note: You can assign multiple reviewers or select a group as designated reviewers in addition to the Default Reviewers. 

Reviewers Portal

When a reviewer has been assigned a Challenge to score, they will find the Challenge in their Learner Console. Learn more about where reviewers score Challenges here

If you have any questions, email support@workramp.com, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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