What is a University?

The new University feature allows you to create custom branded training application for departments, partners, or customers. This is perfect for self-serve training materials.

How to Create a University

Now, let's get started with your first University. There are two easy and simple ways to create a University. 

  1. When you first logged in and navigated to the Training Application Admin area, you will see four large tiles, and one of them should say "University".
  2. Under each folder, there is the option of "Create New". Once you click on that, a dropdown will appear, and you'll see an option for "University" here.

Adding Branding to a University

Immediately after creating your first university, you will be prompted to edit and brand your university. Hover over the square icon where the graduation cap is, and clicking it will allow you to add a picture to customize the logo. Hover over the large banner picture at the top of the University. It will darken and allow you to edit the banner by clicking on the image. Select the image you want to use! 

Adding Content to a University

Use the blue "Add Content" button on the right of the screen to add Guides, Paths and Resources. After select "Existing content", a pop up box will appear and display all the available Guides and Paths for you.  You can also add an entire folder with Guides and Paths into a university. 

Organizing Content Using Folders

As more content gets added or created, we can use folders to organize them in the University. Use folders to help separate out different training topics like marketing, sales pitches or other categories for your team to grow their knowledge. 

Publishing Universities

After branding and adding all the content, it is time to publish your university. Be sure to click "Publish" inside the orange banner at the top of the screen. Once published, it will be made available at Training Home. 

Here is an example how a finished university might look like!

Pro tips: When you edit any part (logo, banner, description, title) or of the University or add new content, it automatically un-publishes the University. Then, you will have to re-publish the to make the University available to everyone again. 

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