Revamping Learning Paths

Did you notice that series got a makeover this month? Series has always been our go-to learning paths; so we decided to change the name to Paths! This will make it more direct and clearer to understand when you explain to your users how to move through training.

New Path User Interface

With the new branding, comes a new, modern interface!

Require a Passing Score in a Path Option

We separated the feature that requires a user to complete the guide with a passing score in a Path. Now, if this option is not selected, a user doesn't need to complete the Guide with a passing score in order to unlock the next one. 

Adding Multiple Learning Objects to Paths

Now when you go to create a Path, you can select multiple Guides, Resources or Challenges in the same screen. See this gif as an example:

New University Design

In an effort to making our site cleaner and focused on training, we've introduced a new University design this month. 

Instant Login

Admins can now login as users in their enterprise. This will be really helpful to complete, upload or manage tasks on their behalf. To do this go to the Admin Portal > Enterprise Set Up > Login as User

Mark As Complete

As a part of being able to login as a user, we've made it easier for you to bring everyone to 100% by adding a dropdown that allows you to mark the user as complete. 

Renaming a Few Things...

  • Classes >> Events: Classes are now called Events to make it more clear that they facilitate hosting webinars and trainings online.
  • Collaborators >> Managers: Collaborators are now called Managers to be more apparent that this role privilege allows Managers to oversee, grade and review a user's work. Learn more here!

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