Getting Started: Gathering the Team

In order to enable the Slack integration, you must have someone who has Slack Admin credentials (i.e. someone who can approve apps) and they must be an Admin in WorkRamp.

Enabling Slack in WorkRamp

To get started with the WorkRamp // Slack integration: navigate to the Training Admin Dashboard, click on Integrations and click "Enable Slack Integration."  

Once you've enabled the Slack integration, you have the ability to enable automatic push notifications to users via slackbot or congratulatory messages to channels. 

Messages are categorized into 3 major categories: Reminders, Coaching and Congratulatory.

Reminder Messages

  • Enable direct messages on guide assignments
  • Enable direct messages on guide reminders

These are messages sent directly through Slack bot to individuals notifying them when they have been assigned a guide and a reminder of when it's due. The only automatic reminder messages are sent 48 hours prior to the due date.

 (Sample reminder message)

Coaching Messages

  • Enable direct messages on feedback

These messages notify users when they have feedback on assignments

(Sample coaching message)

Congratulatory Messages

  • Enable congratulatory messages on guide completion

These messages can be broadcasted to channels to let the team know that their teammates have completed assignments. 

You have the ability to choose any channel you'd like to broadcast these to. Currently, we do not support private channel publishing. 

(Sample Congratulatory Message)

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