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What is a Guide?

A Guide is where all of your training content is located. Click into a guide to begin your training. Each individual page is called a Task. Tasks can be grouped into Sections to help you take training in more manageable quantities. When you've completed the Task, use the Submit button on the top right to move to the next one. Complete all the Tasks in the Guide to complete the Guide. 

What is a Path?

A Path links together Guides to create a learning path. This helps you build your knowledge in logical steps that your instructor or admin has put together for you. If you open a Path and you see some of the content is locked, it means that you will have to complete the learning of the assignment before, and then it will unlock the next training. 

What if I Have Questions?

If you have questions on the CONTENT or the learning material, please reach out to your instructor. WorkRamp is a 3rd party provider to your company to host this amazing training, but we often didn't build it for you. Therefore, your instructors are the best resources to help. 

What if it Looks Like Something is Broken?

Is there something that's not submitting right or a button that seems not to work? Feel free to contact our support team to look into that for you. On the bottom right side of the page is an intercom chat to our success team who can relay with engineering to get it resolved. 

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