What are Challenges?

Challenges is a certification learning module where you can submit videos, text or even a live performance to be graded by your teammates or managers via a scorecard. The scorecard will give you direct feedback to what qualifies as a good or bad performance and will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses better. 

How to Submit Challenges

If you've been assigned a Challenge it will be made available to you via your Learner's main page. Click on the card and you'll see the prompt which gives you directions on the scenarios of what your reviewer is looking for. The submit button will turn green when your work has been successfully uploaded to the system. 

Different Types of Challenges

There are 4 types of Challenges:

  • Video: For a regular video Challenge, the recorder will appear natively in the screen. Record your video and it will save directly into WorkRamp. Once it is saved, review it and submit the challenge. 
  • Zoom Video: For a Zoom Video Challenge, you will be prompted to open the Zoom app. Please have this already downloaded to your computer. When Zoom opens, the recording begins automatically. Feel free to share your screen or invite other users to your session. When you end the meeting, the video will save directly in WorkRamp. Click the Submit button to submit your work.
  • Open Response Submissions: For open responses, please type your response to the prompt. When you've finished click the Submit button. 
  • In Person Challenge: Once you've met with your reviewer or you are just about to meet with your reviewer, submit the Challenge. 
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