What is an "Editor"?

Editors allow you to add people to training folders within WorkRamp. Once invited, they can create, edit, and assign guides to new or existing users only within that folder. They will also be able to view the progress of users assigned to the guides in the folder. This is a great option when you want to invite other people to manage training content, but don't want them to get full access to WorkRamp's admin features including managing the enterprise or portals. 

Example users that might benefit from being an editor: Managers of niche sales or customer success departments or teams that need to assign training and grade their teams. 

How to add an Editor

To add an editor, hover over a folder on your Training Admin page and click the people icon. This will prompt you to add editors to this folder. Editors can be individuals, groups, or even users who don't exist in WorkRamp yet. 

If they don't exist in WorkRamp yet, an email is sent to a user and they will be prompted to create their own account, the same as when you assign a guide to a user that hasn't been added to WorkRamp.

If you add a group with editor permissions, then anyone that joins the group is auto-provisioned access and anyone that leaves the group is removed access from that folder.

Managing Editors

When you go to "Add Editors" via the people link on the folder, there's the option to view other editors and groups that have been added to this folder. In this way, you have the ability to add or remove those privileges from other users in your organization. In the below example, you can remove Thor and Irene from this page. 

How to Tell if a User is an Editor

A user is an editor if they appear in the list of editors as shown when clicking the people icon above. Once added, editors will have a new view called "Editor View" on the top left of their login page and will also see the folder they were added to. From there, editors have the permission to: 

  • add, edit, and publish guides, paths, events and universities to the folder
  • assign users to the guides
  • monitor progress of the assigned users

An editor does not have access to modifying the enterprise (ie assigning other admins, adjusting corporate logos and branding, resetting passwords or deleting users). 

Below is the Editor's Learner Home page. From here you can select the Editor Console in order to return to the content workspace. 

Waterfall Permissions

Editor permissions also adhere to "waterfall" permissioning. An editor who is added to a folder will be able to see all items and subfolders within that folder. However, if editors are added to subfolders, they will not be able to see items in the parent or sister folders.

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