What is a Manager?

A manager is, essentially, a manager or mentor. They only have the ability to grade and review progress of users. They do not have the ability to create content or assign content to users. A manager is really helpful for fostering mentorship or coaching relationships. 

How to add a Manager

There are many ways to add a manager. First, in the Settings >> Users tab, there are a list of users and if you click the check boxes next to each user, an option to add a manager appears. 

Second, if you're inviting a new user there's the option of adding a manager in that same screen. 

How to Tell if a User is a Manager

Once added, managers will have a new view called "Manager Console" on their main Learner View and will also see the users that they are managing as well as the guides that are assigned to them in the Manager Console. From there, managers have the permission to: 

  • review and provide feedback for submissions and progress of all the users that they mentor/manage
  • export results of user performance for each of the guides they are assigned to
  • remind users to complete training

A manager does not have access to edit or add guides, trainings, series, etc; setting up portals or modifying the enterprise (ie assigning other admins, adjusting corporate logos; and branding, resetting passwords or deleting users.

Bulk Reassignments of Managers

Sometimes companies go through restructuring or want to change the organization of their account. We are here to help! If you need to bulk reassign managers or groups, our support team can assist you! Please refer to the form below to fill out exactly as directed:


  1. First Column is the user email address
  2. Second Column is the user first name
  3. Third Column is the user last name
  4. Fourth Column is the managers' emails. You can have multiple managers for a user, however it is very important that you separate the emails by a semicolon ' ; ' and keep them in the same column.
  5. Fifth Column is the group a user belongs to. A user can belong to multiple groups (like sales and Greg's team), however it is very important that you separate the group names by a semicolon ' ; '  and keep them in the same column
  6. There can be no more extra columns and the sheet must be submitted to our team at support@workramp.com as a CSV file. 

Coaching and Feedback from Managers

Once a manager is added to a learner, the manager will periodically receive notifications as questions are answered. This gives the managers the ability to add coaching notes or feedback on submitted responses. These notifications can be found in the notification icon on the learner or manager home page:

These notifications will typically be batched every ~10 mins and can optionally be set to be sent via Slack. 

Users can also control these settings in their profile view found here.

Removing Managers

To remove a manager from a specific user, simply search for the user under Settings >> Users

Then, select Edit Managers from the drop down arrow to the right of the user.

Select the 'X' to the right of the manager you would like to remove, and then click Cancel. The assigned manager should now be removed from the user's account. 

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