A New Guide Editor

We've simplified editing Guides by moving all of the Section and Task editing tools into the main editor. 

  • To add new Sections or Tasks, use the plus "+" sign on the left underneath any of your existing Sections and Tasks
  • To copy, edit, import or delete Sections or Tasks, use the editing icons that appear when hovering over titles

Simplified Guide Settings

Along with the new Guide editor, we've simplified the guide settings into a simple menu on the editor:

New Time Stamps

We've rolled out the ability for you to add time stamps to virtually any training object: Guides, Paths, Resources, and Challenges.  Learners can now see the estimated time it takes to complete their training!

Off-the-shelf Scorecards for Managers

You can now make Challenges and their corresponding scorecards available in Universities. This is ideal for scenarios where managers want to pull a scorecard "off-the-shelf" to rate their team members and reps. Simply add a Challenge to a University and you're set!

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