How to navigate to Test Settings

Once you have selected a guide, and are on the Editing page:

  1. Select Guide Settings in the top left-hand corner of your screen
  2. Click Test Settings
  3. From here you should now see all the options as described above. 

For more detail see below for a demonstration on how to access your Test Settings.

What Are My Test Setting Options?

Each Guide has its own Test Settings and options, with the purpose of allowing Admins and Editors to do the following in a guide:

  • Require a passing score
  • Allow a specific amount of retakes
  • Release overall grade to users
  • Allow grading and answer visibility

Please see below for a more detailed explanation of each Test Setting option. 

Require A Passing Score

This option allows you to manually assign a passing score to a guide that Learners must receive before it is considered Complete.

If a guide requires a passing score, a Learner will receive one of the following screens once their answers have been graded.  

If a Learner does not receive a passing score, they will have the opportunity to revisit their guide (assuming they have enough retakes), and attempt the test questions again. To change an answer, the Learner must first click Mark As Incomplete in the top right hand-corner before resubmitting their response.      

Allow A Specific Amount Of Retakes

This Test Setting, if selected, will then give you two options for Learner retakes:

  • Unlimited
  • Enter Number of Retakes Allowed

If a Learner has a limited amount of retakes, when they attempt the question again they will receive a notice in the top right-hand corner stating the number of tries they have left. 

Release Overall Grade To Users

This setting option allows you the flexibility to release grading immediately after each submission, or later, after manual review.  

If you select, release grades immediately after submission, then the Learner will see their score in the test performance section of the guide stats:

However, if the assigned guide has any open-ended questions then the test performance section will display the following:

The Current Grade percentage will be grayed out with the following notice: Based on currently graded questions (1/2 have been graded).  This grade is subject to change once a reviewer grades more questions. 

If you choose to release grades once the test answers have been reviewed, then a Learner's Current Grade percentage will be hidden with the following notice: Admin has chosen to release your grade manually after review.

To manually review a Learner's answers:

  1. Select the correct guide in the Admin Console
  2. Click Submissions next to Progress for the appropriate Learner 
  3. Select Show Needs Review to see all questions that will need to be manually reviewed 
  4. Grade the questions by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol 
  5. Once this is complete select Click Here to Release Their Grade at the top of the page

The Learner will then receive a notification the next time they log into their account regarding your feedback. If they would like to review all questions included in the guide they can select View All Progress in the right-hand corner of the Test Questions page. This will direct them back into the guide where they will now see all their graded answers. 

Allow Grading And Answer Visibility 

This Test Setting provides one of two options:

  1. Allow learners to see their grade, correct or incorrect, on each question
  2. Allow learners to see the correct answer on each question after grading

Note: Option #2 will only be visible / available if option #1 is already selected.

Selecting only option #1 allows Learners to see whether or not they answered the questions correctly as they move through the assigned guide. Once they submit the guide they will NOT have the ability to view the correct answers to any missed questions. 

By choosing both options, Learners will have the ability to track their progress throughout the guide, and will be able to review the correct answers once the guide has been completed/submitted. 

If you have any questions, email, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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