Why Hot Spot Questions Are Useful

Hot Spot questions are a great way to involve and engage users by testing their visual understanding. Users are presented with an image and then instructed to select a specific object, button, tab, etc.

Creating A Hot Spot Question

When inserting a Hot Spot question into your guide, simply:

  1. Select the Hot Spot object
  2. Drag and drop the Hot Spot to the desired location in your guide
  3. Type a relative question
  4. Select 'Choose An Image' to insert the proper attachment
  5. Highlight the correct area that must be selected by the user
  6. Add a label (optional)

Please see the demonstration below:

How To Complete A Hot Spot Question?

Once the Hot Spot question has been created the Learner will:

  1. Select the correct answer(s) inside the image by clicking or dragging and dropping the bullseye(s) 
  2. Complete the question by clicking Submit in the top, right-hand corner 

NOTE: To delete a click, simply, drag the bullseye to the red X located at the bottom-middle of the image.

If you have any questions, email support@workramp.com, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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