Create A Certificate

Certificates can easily be created in order to award / certify Learners after they have completed a Guide. To begin, click Settings >> Badges >> + New Badge, and fill in the New Badge form.

Next, check Include Certificate, and fill in the following information:

Note: You have the option to customize your certifications by adding in your company's logo.

Add A Customized Certificate

If your organization already has existing certificates, great! We can add them to your account for you. Message with your request, and attach a blank PDF copy of the certificate with only the custom background. Our support team will happily upload your certificate, and notify you when this has been completed! 

Note: Once your requested certificate has been uploaded, it will be available under Settings >> Badges. Additionally, your certification will appear as a template option on the New Certification form shown above.

Assign A Badge And Certificate To A Guide

To assign a certificate to a Guide, click on the Guide you would like to add a certificate to. 

  1. Select the drop down arrow in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click Edit Badge
  3. Check Award a badge on completion of this guide
  4. Select the appropriate certification
  5. Check any available Settings options
  6. Click Save

Badge Settings

When assigning a badge and certificate to a Guide, there are three setting options you can select from: 

  1. Require admin approval before badge is awarded
  2. Require manager approval before badge is awarded
  3. Require passing score (at least 75%) to receive badge

Note: The required passing score in option number three can be adjusted in a specific Guide's Test Settings

Awarding A Certificate

Once a Learner has completed their assigned Guide, they will receive the following message under their Guide Stats. 

Next, depending on the badge Settings, the designated Admin, Manager or both will receive an email similar to the one below prompting them to review the Learners completed Guide.

Once the link has been clicked the following screen will appear. To view questions in need of grading, click the Show Needs Review option first.  Then, select Click Here to award the badge and certificate. 

You will see the following message in green, notifying you that the badge and certificate have been successfully awarded to the appropriate Learner.

Lastly, the Learner will then receive an email will their printable certificate attached!

If you have any questions, email, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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