You have the option of allowing a Learner to add/edit their own Reviewers, or you can select default Reviewers when creating a Challenge.

By default, Learners will be able to see the names of their Reviewers. Additionally, you can add permissions for Learners to modify the list of reviewers, so they can add their peers or mentor in addition to their manager.

With the "Learners See Reviewer Names" option disabled, Learners will not be able to modify their Reviewers. Therefore, the "Learners Can Modify Reviewers" option will be hidden. It will appear again only if you allow them to see reviewer names.

Lastly, you can decide whether to set one or more people as a Reviewer for this Challenge.

You can either add people individually or an entire Group as a Reviewer for this Challenge.

Note: If you add a Group as a Default Reviewer, next time you go to edit the Reviewers their names will be displayed individually rather than the Group name. 

Once you have edited the Default Reviewers option, any time you assign a Challenge to a user directly or as part of a Path, these users will be added as the Reviewers automatically. You can still add more reviewers after assignment by following these steps.

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