New User Interface

The Learner Home, University, and Guide views have been updated with a clean, sharp look that is easier to use and offers several avenues of customization. 

  • New Learner homepage design
  • Cover images for Guides, Paths, Challenges and more 
  • New enterprise branding such as custom logos and accent colors
  • Cleaner and sharper look for Guides and Universities

Challenges: Default Reviewers & Hiding the Scorecard from a Learner's View

You can decide whether to set one or more people as a Reviewer for this Challenge. You can either add people individually or an entire Group as a Reviewer for this Challenge.

You have the option of hiding the Scorecard from a learner's view before and/or after they submit their response to a Challenge. This helps to ensure Learners are provided a genuine assessment of their performance. 

Allow External Access

For Learners external to your organization (Customers, Partners, etc), you can allow them access to your Guides and Paths without requiring a registration. When a Learner clicks on the Share Link you provide, they will be redirected to a Preview version of the shared Guide or Path. 

If the Learner already has an account, you can enable the option to automatically assign the training once the Share Link is visited. 


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