There Are Two Ways to Restore Content

If you accidentally delete your content while editing it, there are a couple of ways it can potentially be brought back. 

You can restore deleted text, Sections, Guides, Challenges, etc. by accessing:

  • Version History 
  • Trash Bin

Version History

Changed your mind? Have you ever wanted to go back and restore the thing you wrote last week? Our Version History feature allows you to restore historical versions of text boxes. Use the icon we have in the text block to restore older versions of text.

If you accidentally erase anything within a Text object, simply click the Version History button and select the appropriate version you would like to restore. 

If the text block is....

  • Older than a minute, a version is stored every 5 minutes 
  • Older than an hour, a version is stored once per hour
  • Older than a day, a version is stored daily.

Note: All versions will appear on the right-hand panel along with the name of the person who made the edit.

Trash Bin

If a section or task within a Guide or one of the training objects (Guide, Challenge, Path, and Resource) is deleted, the content can be recovered from the Trash Bin. 

The Trash Bin is located in the bottom left corner of the Admin Console.

Simply, click into the Trash Bin, and select the drop down arrow to the right of the content you would like to recover.

Next, choose the folder you would like your deleted content relocated to, then click Restore. 

If you have any questions, email, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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