Whether you're working on completing a Challenge or Guide, here are the steps you can follow to ensure your recording is submitted for review.

  • First, prepare your slides and get ready to present it 
  • When you are ready to record, make sure your slides are pulled up on your computer. 
  • Select the “Start Zoom Recording Now” button and then select “Record.” (The recording will start right away.



  • Select "Join with Computer Audio" when prompted
  • Select the Share button at the bottom of the recording screen
  • Find the resource/page that you want to present and click “Share.”
  • Record your pitch/presentation and, when finished, simply click on the red button at the top, left corner of the screen & select “Leave Meeting.”
  • When you go back to the WorkRamp, you can choose Submit to complete the activity, or Re-record if you'd like to try again before submitting.

CONGRATS! You have submitted your first WorkRamp recording!

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