With the rollout of Badges, you can award custom digital badges at key milestones you have defined in their training journey. These badges can be awarded on the Guide, Challenge, and Path level.

Badges have replaced Certificates, however, you can continue to create and leverage existing certificate templates.

Click here to learn more about Badges and how to get started!

Updates to Challenges

Challenges have received yet another boost with the addition of default reviewers for a Challenge. 

You now have the option to set Managers as the default reviewers eliminating the need to go in and manually assign Reviewers to a Challenge.

We have also added an option for Learners to be able to modify their Reviewers if it is a part of a Path.


Adding on to our branding updates from last month, we have included an option to use stock images to make it even easier to create an appealing and modern look for your Guide, Path, and Challenge cards.

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