You now have the ability view the number of attempts a Learner has taken to complete their assigned Guide, as well as the option to view each retake. 

Where To Locate A User's Retake History?

Once you have selected a Guide, simply click 'Submissions' to the right of the appropriate Learner to view the number of attempts per question.

From here you are able to view their attempt history by clicking on the number of retakes: 

New Reporting - Attempts

Lastly, you now have the option to include a Learner's attempts in your reports! Under the Reporting tab: 

  1. Click New Reporting
  2.  Select Guide Submissions
  3. Choose any Sub Report Type 
  4. Add Attempt column to report 

If you have any questions, email, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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