What is a Guide?

A guide is the basic building block for training in WorkRamp. In other systems, this may also be known as a "Course" and it contains sections and tasks that help train an employee.

Creating a Guide

There are two ways to create guides. 

  1.  The first way is by clicking the “Create Guide” tile in the Admin homepage. 
  2. The other way to create new guides is to click on "+ Create New" on the left hand side where you can find folders.   

If a guide is in the incorrect folder, transferring the guide to a different folder is a simple drag and drop to a new folder.

Editing a Guide

Once you created your first guide, you will be prompted with the following to begin adding sections and tasks

  • A section contains one or many tasks and can be grouped by topic name or even days of the week. For example, an onboarding guide may have a section called "Monday" or a training guide may have a section called "Competitors." Sections can be re-arranged using the drag and drop editor.
  • Tasks are activities or content you want a user to go through. Tasks can house text, videos, files, questions, surveys, and other types of objects that make your training as interactive and useful as possible. 

The Guide Editor

After creating your guide, you'll automatically be dropped into the guide editor. The guide editor is a flexible user interface that allows you to create content and activities on the fly in WorkRamp. Learn more about editing your guide here!

Assigning a Guide

Once your guide has been created and edited, the last step is to assign it to an end user. To do this click the Assign this Guide button and add the user's email or a group of users via the autofill. 

Guide Overview

The guide overview is where you assign the guide to your users/audience. That is also where you can see and monitor each individual's progress on the assigned guide.

That's it! You should have your first guide created and assigned in under 5 minutes. If you have any questions, email support@workramp.com or leverage your chat window at the bottom right of your screen.

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