Creating a Group

Creating groups can be useful for sending info to large teams, managing progress on a large scale, and having better reporting capabilities. To create a group, an admin will go to Settings and select Groups. Once inside, select the button “+ Add New Groups”. This link will allow the admin to create a name for the group.

Managing members in a Group

After the group is created, a dropdown appears for the group. You can add and edit users by selecting the link called “View/Edit Members”. 

This page allows you to manage users in the group, including adding members through their email addresses. If the user does not exist yet, WorkRamp will automatically send them an invite to join.

Adding members to a Group

Once the group is created, users can also be added to the group through the “Users” tab. Each user has an “Edit Groups” link in their dropdown menu, where typing in the group name adds them to the group.

After your group is created and has members, you can now start assigning guides to groups for easier tracking and deployment. Additionally, you can also report on groups through the Training Application > Reporting > Groups tab.

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