Assigned Training

Notifications are sent when a user has been assigned a training directly (ie a Path, Guide, or Challenge). An automatic notification will be sent 48 hours prior to their due date to remind them to complete their assignments. 

They are also sent notifications when they have received feedback on their work.  

Finally, they will receive an email if you have assigned a certification to a successful completion of a guide, they will be sent the certification through their email. 


Users are not notified when universities are made available to them. If you would like to send them a link to the University through an email or to post on an internal website, navigate to the Learner Home Page, click into the University, and copy the link in the URL. 

How to Change Notification Settings

If you would like to make adjustments to notifications sent on behalf of the Enterprise, please navigate to the Admin Console >> Settings >> then Email. Check or Uncheck the boxes that are relevant for your enterprise. 

Note: By default, all boxes are checked. This image is an example of a customized view where the boxes were unchecked.

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