Important Note for March 2019:
We have recently transitioned our Certifications feature to our new Badges functionality. You will not lose any functionality you previously had with Certifications. 

For previous Certificates, you will now have a default badge attached to the Certificate that matches the Certificate name. Moving forward for new Certificates, you must create a Badge first, then optionally attach a Certificate to the Badge. 

To report on Certificates, we recommend going to Reporting > New Reporting > Badges, then run a report to download any certificates.

If you have any questions for backwards compatibility of Certificates to Badges, please connect with or your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

What are Badges?
Badges are custom digital badges that can be awarded when someone completes a Guide or a Challenge. Badges can be awarded on simple completion, or when a Learner gets a passing score. Badges can also be visible on the Learner Home page, so that the Learner can see how many Badges she has received.

Badges also can have Certificates attached to them. Certificates are downloadable PDFs that a Learner can print for proof of completion. These Certificates will also be emailed to Learners once they've achieved a Badge.

Creating a Badge
To create a Badge, navigate to your Badge tab in the Admin Console and click New Badge.

On the Badge page, you will be able to add the title, choose a default or custom badge, and optionally include a Certificate PDF.

Adding a Badge to a Guide or Challenge
To add a Badge to a Guide, navigate to a Guide overview page and click "Edit Badge".

You can choose the badge and award options from there:

You can also add this to a Challenge through the Challenge edit page:

Pro Tip: You can add Badges to a Path by adding a Badge to the last Challenge or Guide within the path. Once the Learner completes the last item, they will then receive the badge.

Receiving a Badge
A Learner will receive an email when she achieves a Badge. This email will also optionally include a downloadable Certificate if it was attached. The Learner can view the Badge at any time through their Badge icon:

Running Badge Reports

If you would like to run a report on badges, simply click on Reporting >> New Reporting >> Badges. 

  1. Next, choose a Sub Report Type
  2. Click Run Report

Downloading Certificates 

To download a certificate: 

  1. Click Reporting >> New Reporting >> Badges
  2. Under Sub Report Type choose All users who have earned a specific badge
  3. Select any additional columns

    4. Click Run Report
    5. Then, under Certificates select Download 

 If you have any questions, email, or leverage your chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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