In this article, we will show you how to add a SCORM file, view the SCORM results within the submissions area, show you where to direct users to view their SCORM results and show you what type of SCORM files WorkRamp supports.

How to add a SCORM file

SCORM files can only be added in a Guide. Therefore, a guide needs to be created first. When you are editing a guide, you will find the SCORM tile where you will find all other tiles under the "Add Content" area. 

Then, you drag one of the SCORM tiles into middle like the demonstration below.

Once the SCORM tile is added, we can go ahead upload the desired SCORM files into this guide. The speed of the upload would depend how large the SCORM file is. 

SCORM Files for Learners

Here is what a SCORM file would like for a user when he or she is going through a guide. They will be able to complete all of their work in the SCORM file and if a user passes or fails the SCORM file, their score will show in the Guide Statistics page.

Viewing SCORM Results as an Admin or Editor 

As an Admin or Editor, to view SCORM results:

  • Navigate to the Guide Overview Page
  • Click Submissions or View All Submissions
  • On the top left of the Submissions View Page there is a SCORM Submissions button
  • Click on the SCORM Submissions button to view all the SCORM submissions for everyone assigned to the Guide. 

Directing Users to See Their SCORM Results

Once a user has completed their SCORM exercise, they can view their results by going to the Guide Stats page. 

  • The Guide Stats page is located in the header of the Guide Outline
  • Once in the Guide Stats page, there is an option to click into the SCORM Results in the Question Feedback section.
  • Clicking on "SCORM Results" will bring you to a page that marks the pass/fail status and completion status. 

SCORM files WorkRamp supports

Please click the link here to find what type of SCORM files we support.

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