New Custom Permissions 

We’re excited to introduce a variety of new Admin controls, starting with one of the most requested: the ability to create custom permissions to help manage your Enterprise! 

It is now possible for you to add users with more restricted access to help with Reporting and Group Management. The benefit with this enhancement is that you can now grant limited access to managers or team leads in your organization without having to give them content creation permissions or assign them as a manager to specific users.

Permission Profiles

In Settings, you will find a new page called “Permissions” where you can create custom profiles. 

Ready to get started? Here's an article on setting up these custom permissions.

Search by Users or Groups within a Guide or Path

The power of Groups is that it can be really useful for sending information to large teams and managing progress at scale. We have now added an additional way for you to do just that in Guides and Paths by adding a new search option in the overview page. 

You will find this new search option under the Assignments section of the Guide or Path overview page.

Anonymize Reviewers’ Names in Challenges

Managers have often told us it is not always so easy to provide negative feedback to a learner in fear of harming morale, which can lead to lack of improvement and longer ramp-up time. 

This is why we have decided to introduce a way to anonymize reviewers’ names in Challenges to encourage more opportunities to share critical feedback. 

SCIM User Provisioning

SCIM, or System for Cross-domain Identity Management, is an open standard that allows for the automation of user provisioning. WorkRamp now supports this protocol making it possible to create, edit, assign groups, and even deactivate users automatically. 

To learn more about how to configure SCIM with WorkRamp, please refer to the following documentation.

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